I Love Spending Time With You

The first single from Tommy Stahr, now on iTunes, Apple Music, etc! 


'Merica, 'Merica

Where once there were beautiful spacious skies we now have "Foxed-in" minds and "Trumped-up" lies...

That's Just America

Calling out American Republikkkans for the evil they're doing. 



I Love Spending Time With You

I Love Spending Time With You

I Love Spending Time With You

  Jesus has given me lots of songs. I'll be sharing them here and hope you'll support my ministry by buying them on iTunes or wherever you buy music and inviting me to your church to minister to the saints. 


You Promised Me A Rainbow

I Love Spending Time With You

I Love Spending Time With You

My first album, "You Promised Me A Rainbow; Songs for the LGBT Christian Community." There are hundreds of thousands of LGBT believers in the world. Maybe millions!  God knows those who are His. Jesus said "Everyone the Father gives me will come to me and WHOSOEVER comes to me I will never drive away."  (John 6:37) 



Babylon Is Fallen

I Love Spending Time With You

Babylon Is Fallen

  I'm working on two albums concurrently. My first video "That's Just America" is actually from my planned 2nd Album, "Babylon Is Fallen" a prophetic warning sound to the church around the world and for unbelievers who need Jesus.

Sons of Thunder Wanted


Musician with a heart for Jesus?

  • If you have a heart for Jesus and believe in the message we're sharing here, AND can play guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, etc?  Hit me up for an audition and interview.  714-321-0700 

2000 Years Before Lady Gaga Jesus said we are "Born This Way

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